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Come see Implanted at the Festival of Cinema! We'll be screening at the Regal UA Midway (Theatre 2) August 12 at 2:45pm.

You can get tickets here: 

Implanted Screening

festival of cinema.jpg

I'm so excited to be starring in the feature film Implanted directed by Fabien Dufils! Thanks for the shout-out, The New York Times!

You can rent or buy it on Amazon: Implanted

Here's the trailer:

Screen Shot 2021-06-10 at 11.49.00 PM.pn

You can catch me in the Stephen King limited series, Lisey's Story on Apple TV+.

Lisey's Story.png

I'm creating a music video each month for songs I've written. More music videos and such here:  My YouTube Channel

The song this month goes out to everyone who feels like a scared caterpillar sometimes.

Hi friends!  I'm currently working on post-production for the short film I wrote, directed, and starred in, "Winning." I'll keep you posted on the progress...

Join The Basement Book Club for our weekly-ish ridiculous chats:  

The "BBC"

Always spoilers, never scholarly.

I co-directed this Zoom reading of the pilot DEADWEIGHT with the massively talented Rachael Vaughan Clemmons (who also wrote it)!